I don’t think it says anything insulting about my job or my coworkers if I say that I’m not looking forward to going back to work tomorrow. It’s not about the job or the people I work with; it’s about my natural state, which is sloth. I’ve been off work for 11 days in a row. As my husband and I say anytime we approve of something, like getting a gift or having something done for us: I’ve become accustomed. I like sleeping in, reading books one after the other, and watching a movie in the middle of the day.

Of course I also like getting paychecks and having health care coverage, so off I go.

In some ways, I feel that I’ve wasted my time off. And in a very real way, I wonder if that’s exactly how that time was best spent.

I saw family and friends. I spoiled my nieces. I read some books. I posted quite a bit here, ahem.

I did a bit of revising on my novel, even though I told myself I wouldn’t do that while I have a few readers going on it. But I wanted to! Which is so weird and promising that I let myself do it.

But for the most part what I did was relax and do whatever I wanted to do when I wanted to. Which I could call “wasting it,” but that’s not how it feels.

In other news, I spent a little time a couple of days ago sending out a story submission. Why does it feel like I haven’t done that in a long time? Oh, right. Because I haven’t. And in other other news, I’m working my way through the archives of Jennifer Weiner’s blog, starting back in 2002. Why, you ask? Because nobody else is updating, and she sells lots of books. I’m sitting at her feet, learning from her process. Figuratively.

Greg and I also worked our way through two seasons of The IT Crowd (and subsequently ordered all three seasons on DVD because that show is AWESOME) (and strangely enough hasn’t been canceled yet, which is what happens to all shows I like). And why not order a little something-something from Amazon.com, since I got tricked into buying a Prime membership for a year?

People, if you need anything heavy shipped from Amazon, let me know.

By Published On: January 4, 2010Categories: Life, Writing