Dear Santa,

I was whining (more whining!) about not having anything to write about and my friend Yvonne said, “Ursa.”

So this goes out to Yvonne and fans of Ursa everywhere:

A holiday card from Ursa Minor (Pup) Rader-Day
“What fresh hell is this?”
(Ursa has a new holiday collar. The only one enjoying it is me. It has a bell.)

“Seriously? I’d better get a cookie for this. Two cookies.”
“Oh, Santa, I hope and hope for two cookies. And a new chew bone.
And a new honker for the toy goose I gutted. And for the cat
to stop bossing me around. And for Best!Friend!Chloe! to come and play every day.”

“I’ll just be here, Santa, being good until you grant all my wishes.
Love, Ursa Minor”
By Published On: December 12, 2009Categories: Life, Ursa