The only thing I hate about days off is that no one updates their blog. So here I am, fighting the trend.

Spent a lovely Thanksgiving in other people’s houses, trading a pie I didn’t have to bake myself for a full meal. One of these days I’m going to have to do more than just show up. Although I did make some deviled eggs at my in-laws’ house. Someone else boiled them.

I’ve spent today, my only real day off, editing/revising the book. It’s been rather nice to have the time to focus. (I keep thinking that all I want for Christmas is some time off. I think I may get it.) Maybe this will make sense to the other writers out there, but there’s a special kind of attention for revising that, when I can get to that level of focus, I can really cut through the garbage and make things right. It doesn’t always happen, or I would be much more published than I am now. I had that kind of focus this morning, working on chapters one and two, part of three. And then… loss of powers.

So I went to the grocery, the pharmacy, and dropped books at the library. Now that I’m back, I hope to get back to it. I’m through chapter five (the chapters that used to be the short story, the chapters I’m very very tired of, but which are pretty sharp). There is much work ahead. I promised someone a copy of my novel draft for Christmas as my “homemade” gift, so now I have to pony up.

My only obstacle: My husband is currently playing video games, online, with two of his buds. I’m glad he has them, but WOW do I hate the video games where there’s a lot of talking. I’d rather try to write through (gaming) explosions. In this case, the talking is actually the three of them figuring out the game. Not helpful.

To the earbuds and some Swell Season. Hope you had a swell season, too.

By Published On: November 29, 2009Categories: The Day I Died, Writing