My 100th post! Sorry it’s going to be lame

Update. My new car is FIONA. Greg doesn’t like it; he insists on calling her Flanders. But we know whose car this is, right? Right. Fiona. Purr.

So I’m cleaning the house and getting angrier by the minute. I’m hardly in this house anymore and it’s a frigging sty. Now that I work all the time and I wish that were an exaggeration, I really do not want to spend my only free hours of the week cleaning up dog hair. I know. Poor me, having a house and a job and having to clean, like a regular human being. But there it is. My sense of entitlement has ratcheted right up, my friends. I’d rather be working on my book, end of story.

So while the kitchen and back porch floors dry, here I am, and I have such a girly question for you. Who knows of a good purse-buying website where you can select criteria other than fabric and color. I don’t necessarily think fabric/color is the highest criteria. You know what I want to select for? Size: big enough to fit a file folder. Interior: light color so I can find my whatever-I’m-looking-for when I need it. Ugh. The black interior purse I’ve been carrying (since the one I bought for the new job starting snagging all my good sweaters and had to go back from whence it came) is driving me batshit. It’s too deep to how wide it is, and I couldn’t find my phone inside it the other night, even though I knew it was in there and the purse only has three pockets. Seriously? Such a first-world problem here and I know that. But pretty please I would like to have another bag to carry to work that doesn’t swallow my keys.

So. Websites?

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