Watch out, second post of the day

In the reading front, I finished my friend’s book manuscript last week. I should be able to count that book in my reading list, especially since it’s more than 500 pages. That. Counts. But I guess I’ll skip it for now.

65. Morality for Beautiful Girls– Alexander McCall Smith
These things are like the easiest little books. I’m guessing that’s why they’re so popular. I get it now, now that I have no time and no brain for complex critical thought. I should be sad about that and I am, but for now I’m fighting back by reading the fluffiest marshmallow cream I can find. Here’s one. I can hardly remember what was in it and I finished it two days ago. Also? I’m going to read the fifth in the series next. More fluff! Bring me fluff! I should add that these books are also pretty charming and interesting. There’s fluff and then there’s crap, and I’m not sinking that low. Not yet.

By Published On: November 1, 2009Categories: Reading