Your eyes do not deceive you

I’m posting two days in a row. Like I’m writing a blog or something.

Did my civic duty today and THANKTHESUNABOVE I didn’t get called into a jury. Nobody did, actually. It was a tough traffic day to get there and I was stuck inside with a lot of people I would have preferred never having met, but I did what I was Constitutionally required to do. Done and done.

If I hadn’t been stuck in a room, though, I probably would not have finished this book.

61. The Girl in the Glass– Jeffrey Ford
This is a favorite writer of a friend of mine, so I’m sorry to report that I sorta hated this book. I finished it, so it had narrative pull. But oh my is the characterization and dialogue BAD. BAD. Not so awful that I couldn’t get through it, so there’s a distinction here. There are worse books, to be sure. Sometimes I just have to put them down. For instance, the award-winning piece of total crap I tried to read last week. I didn’t finish that book, so there was no post on it. On this book…I never got a good sense that the characters loved each other (father/son, buddy/younger buddy, con man/apprentice con man) the way they said they did, or why they would take off on the adventure they did.

By Published On: September 30, 2009Categories: Reading