Reading List, continued

I’m not doing too well with some of my resolutions for the year. Let’s forget the ones I usually don’t do well on. I’m not doing well on my READING resolutions. Reading. Which I love to do.

Need to come up with a plan, Greg says, to reach my stretch goal. I love it when he talks all corporate.

One book review and then I’m going to go finish up my latest Harry Potter and the… so I can get back to my 2009 list.

55. How I Became a Famous Novelist– Steve Hely
This was a great book. It’s hilarious and, if you know what’s on the best seller list these days, pokes fun at a bunch of real-life novelists. The protagonist is a slacker former English major who writes admissions essays for rich, untalented students for a living. But then he hears that his ex-girlfriend is getting married. To be able to face her, he develops a plan to turn his life around. Writers: this is catty, airplane/beach reading just for us. This plus Jincy Willett’s The Writing Class, and you are set.

By Published On: September 8, 2009Categories: Reading