Anybody seen Lori?

Hey. How’s it going? Good? Good.

I think I predicted that my output here would slide into a crater after I started work. Which means I’m as good as a fortune teller now, right?

Speaking of fortune teller. There is a little tarot reader shop in the downtown area of the town where Major U is. Did not see that coming. It’s right next to the Cosi and the Starbucks. Why not? I don’t think I’ll be using her services, but it’s good to know she’s there. In case.

The new job is great, but I’m still getting used to it and trying to do some catch up since the position was open for a while. Am a little thankful that my second week on the job had a holiday (today) in it. People I work with: Do not try to read stuff I say here like tea leaves (or, I guess, like tarot cards). Everybody likes a holiday. This is not a judgment on my staying power.

Holiday weekend: My brother-in-law came to visit. I caught my husband’s cold just about the second the holiday weekend started, so while I lay on the couch all weekend, they went around and did all sorts of boy stuff involving movies with guns and sporting events. Fine by me. I watched a heck of a lot of “Grey’s Anatomy.” That show is really kind of awful in a great way and is the perfect brain candy for when nothing else can be accomplished. So: Me. Couch. Puffs with Lotion. Grey’s. Apple juice. Last night my brother-in-law suggested watching a movie at home we could all enjoy and let me choose (he’s very considerate—and single!). So we finished off their boys weekend with a viewing of Kung Fu Panda.

He’ll never let me choose again.

Oh, actually he liked it. He’s cool like that. (And single! Seriously, he should not be single.)

And then I finished off the night with a NyQuil. I believe I woke up wondering if I’d missed my second week at work. That stuff is potent.

Fingers crossed that the cold is on the outs. I have some major stuff for Major U to get done tomorrow.

By Published On: September 8, 2009Categories: Life