Final counts for Wednesday

Had a few more words in me as it turned out. Wrote an additional 915 words tonight before meeting RU friends at the Brownstone on Lincoln. Uh, note to self: Always order the fish tacos from now on. Note to you: If you go to the Brownstone, order the fish tacos. Cod and tilapia. No shrimp.

So running total is at 95,957 (total of 2431 today, very respectable). I have to go do something with my dog now. I’m getting the head on my knee. It’s desperate.

I swear I’ll write about other things than stacking words when I do something else. Right now, this is it.

Tomorrow is the day. Also I have a ton of errands to do. These two goals cannot both be done tomorrow. Which will win?

By Published On: August 27, 2009Categories: The Day I Died