Tick tock

Today, 1516 words at the Eli’s Cheesecake World Cafe with Mary Anne. The cafe people are very gracious, and the president came out and thanked Mary Anne for talking up their sugar-free cheesecake on her blog. I didn’t do a thing, but got free lunch anyway. Would recommend their food now that I’ve had the turkey BLT. It was freaking good. Also? All the lunch entrees come with a piece of cheesecake. That is an arrangement I can fully endorse.

Total word count is 95,042. This means nothing at this point, since I do not care how many words it takes to finish. I just need to finish. My protagonist is being put through the wringer. (Did you see that passive voice there? I’m the one putting her through the wringer! And it’s FUN.) I need to stick with the thing until whatever is going to happen at the end happens.

But could it happen tomorrow? Pretty please?

May not be done for the night yet, but I have dinner plans out. Helping an RU student figure out how to get her thesis mapped out and done by spring. I’m a thesis concierge. Thesis dominatrix is what this student requested, so there’s that service, too. Mostly I’m just helping her calendar some deadlines for herself.

Would like to think I still have some words in me yet tonight, but am not sure.

By Published On: August 26, 2009Categories: The Day I Died, Writing life