Things go wrong for everyone

Ursa Minor Rader Day has some bad news for you. She is broken. Also, she missed her breakfast. She doesn’t know what happened to it, but it was not where it usually was. And then there was a sharp stick at the V-E-T’s and then she was LEFT. ALL. ALONE. And then there was much prodding, but she fell asleep and that was OK and then her People! Came! Back! But the prodding wasn’t quite done and then there was a WALK! home, but she was kinda too tired to do it and wasn’t in the mood to sniff anything. But finally: Dinner. All is back to normal.

For now.

Turns out that Ursa Pup has hip dysplasia, probably the only dang thing she got from her German shepherd mother. She has knee problems aplenty, and that’s what we have to worry about right now (we think), but down the road? Hip problems on the horizon. My little mutt has purebred problems. Kinda hoping it never comes up, and that’s possible. But it’s very disheartening to think she might have so much pain in her future. I’m going to try to think positive about it, though, since right now she just wants to get things back to normal.

Of course she doesn’t know about the job thing that starts on Monday. Don’t tell her.

In writing news, I did 1923 (a very good year?) words today. Major crap for my protagonist, villainy and all that. Went pretty well today, considering all the V-E-T-going and errand-running we had to do. (Still need to go pick up my car. Which has nothing at all wrong with it, apparently. Good news? Only if I never smell the gas fumes again.) It’s a good darn thing the writing went well today, since this is Day Three in the countdown. Will maybe do a writing day with Mary Anne and James tomorrow, if it works out. At this point, I could write with someone else or I could write alone. I just need to make sure I write. Wire. We are down to it.

By Published On: August 25, 2009Categories: The Day I Died, Ursa, Writing