1117 words, all of which I love

Got really sidetracked from writing today with the Internet and phone down in our house, husband (who normally works at home) needing to go to the office, and a lunch date with my friend Meghan. Took my clunker into the shop to see why it seems to want to kill me with fumes. All was good, though, and my dog was feeling much better than she was yesterday. Her tricks do not fool me, though. She is still going to the V-E-T tomorrow. I don’t want her to have to need surgery, but at this point, I think she does. I just want her to get better, because I hate watching her hobble around. It’s awful.

Going to bed, but have to report in: 1117 words, most of them this evening. But whatever works, right? Lots of tasty good stuff happening by now. I got my protagonist into some serious trouble today. It was really fun, actually. She deserved it! That’s what you get for being a protagonist.

Overall total is 91,603, but I’m less worried about actual counts now. I have three writing days left, but I’m not panicking (yet). I think I can do this. I am one major reversal away from finishing a novel. If only I knew what that reversal was going to be…

By Published On: August 25, 2009Categories: The Day I Died, Writing