Almost there

1334 words. Just barely, right? Squeeeaked by there. Hope to do better tomorrow when I have fewer social obligations. Oh, wait. Not true. Getting a haircut tomorrow and then having dinner out. So it is imperative (she scolds herself) that I get my writing done before the haircut.

[An aside: Once when my friend Kim and I were talking about haircuts over email, one of us accidentally typed “haircute.” We still use that term, because it works. You want your hairs cute when you leave, right?]

Running total is 86,431. I’m less freaked out than I was last night about the total numbers, though, because I did more than just a little over the minimum word count today. I did some PLANNING. Don’t worry; I kept it loose. Remember how I said yesterday that I had a list of plot points that needed to get wrapped up? I went through those tonight with a sharper eye and figured out what order they needed to happen and how some of them could coincide naturally and also help keep things interesting. I hope. So I’m down to a handful of scenes. We’ve reached the end of the timeline: In the manuscript, the day my character is having right now is the day in which everything is solved. How cool is that?

Not to make light of what I have left to do, though, because I have a big series of events coming up quickly (and that’s the way they need to read, too). So I’m calling it for tonight and hoping for a good solid morning to midafternoon slot tomorrow in which I can get that going. We are closer than I thought.

Will have to distract Ursa with a bully stick, obviously.

By Published On: August 21, 2009Categories: The Day I Died, Writing