Apparently I can only triumph in one sport today, and that is job-getting.

My net gain in words today is 22. I edited what I wrote yesterday, but I am currently incapable of complex thought, and I’m going to need that for what comes next. Because I don’t know what comes next.

Word count stands at 82,338. I swear tomorrow I will get back to business. If I don’t, you guys are allowed to yell and use exclamation points.

Do you see how I’m less than 8,000 words from that goal I had to re-set? Uhhh. Not sure, but I think we’re going to roll over 90,000, too. But it HAS to be done by August 31. We are not going down like that, word count. No way.

By Published On: August 19, 2009Categories: The Day I Died, Writing