1629 as of 4:03 p.m.

I hate going to a blog I like only to find that the writer hasn’t updated….again. It always makes me scuttle over here and lay down some stuff for you guys. I mean, I’m not getting paid for this, I don’t get advertising, I’m not (currently) selling anything, but I figure if someone comes here to read, there should be something to read. I always get mad at one blogger (to be left unnamed, although some of you would know who I mean) who makes so much money from a single blog that he/she doesn’t work anymore. You can support yourself with a blog? Why not, right? Except when this blogger doesn’t update for a couple of days, I get a little testy. I’m YOUR BOSS and you’re not showing up for work.

So even though this is a charity game over here, I like to keep something new up. Just for the three people paying attention.

I didn’t say it had to be interesting, though, did I?

So far today’s count is 1629. Not bad for a couple of hours tapping away at the Most Air-Conditioned Caribou Coffee on the Planet. Gar. Need to remember to bring a sweater next time. Full total is 83,967 (I do this for myself so I have the count for tomorrow’s totals).

Am still hoping to be struck by inspiration again before the day is out. If any of you guys know what happens in my book next, can you email me?

My dog thinks it’s 5 p.m. and even though she’s wrong, I’m going to oblige with her food and walk, since it looks like it’s going to rain tonight.

By Published On: August 19, 2009Categories: The Day I Died, Writing