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Does anyone want to talk about anything other than writing? I’ll try to think of something to say other than WOrDs! Mooooore wOrds!

If you want to force me to write about something here that I haven’t ever talked about, a comment might prompt me. Just saying.

In other writing news…HA. Sorry, that’s all that’s going on, outside of job stuff I can’t talk about yet. Writing, writing, words, word counts. Some of you are interested, I’m sure. Some of you are betting against me. Fine. But that’s all I can talk about at the moment, so here’s another writing life milestone for those of you interested in that jazz.

I signed my first contract the other day. Sold a short story, am getting paid for it. So they need all my digits to be able to let the government tax me appropriately, right? And part of that package was a contract. It didn’t feel all that momentous, but I think maybe it should have. This is the first time I’ve sold—sold, as in an even trade in which I get greenbacks—a story. It was all very business-like.

One part of the contract was interesting. They gave me the option to allow my story to be storied electronically (a very pretty pdf) that would be accessible from their site and through library systems.

I like it. I’m definitely trying to get more stories available online so I can point you in the direction of stuff you can read for free. It’s harder than it sounds, especially for someone whose stories are so very long. So I checked yes to allow access. I think it’s the right thing. This story isn’t in my collection, so I think that’s an even better reason to have the mag post it.

In any case, I’ll let you know when you can find it. It will be a while. They get to sell the magazine for nine months first.

Are you dying of boredom? Make topic requests in the comments, then.

By Published On: August 17, 2009Categories: Writing