Evening, Sam.

At the moment the word count stands at goose egg. Zero. I’m not proud.

Well, I’m not without a little pride, because I’ve spent part of my time today doing a good deed for a friend who just had a baby. But not too much pride, because I should have had my 1000 done before I started flinging the benevolence about.

I plan on getting some writing done this evening, honestly. Can’t clock out here until I’ve done them, right? (Evening, Sam. Evening, Ralph. This is what I always think when I tap in my word count for you guys.)

But did I dare not give a peep over here, lest the emails start up? No.

So let me finish my good deedery and then I’ll let you know if I get to clock out or not.

By Published On: August 14, 2009Categories: The Day I Died, Writing