73,947 words, but perhaps I was wrong about the 80K

OK, real quick because I’m on the dog’s-eating clock and I’ll be rounded up in a second: 2100 words! Total word count: 73,947.

Wrote the first 1200 with Mary Anne at Eli’s Cheesecake World. I know. But it turned out to be a rather pleasant, if dangerous in a calorific-sense, place to write. Wrote the rest at home. Now have a headache. Unrelated, I hope.

What I’m figuring out is that it’s going to take more than 80,000 words to get a draft together. So I need to step up the pace to this level if I’m going to guarantee a draft done before I start my new job, which looks even closer to a reality since this morning, when I got a Congratulations! email. Discussions about salary and start date begin on Monday.

OK, being rounded up for a walk. More later.

By Published On: August 12, 2009Categories: The Day I Died, Writing