1339, and I owe those to Chris Coake

The day was going down the tubes, until I got a CHALL-ONGE! from my writer friend, Chris.

Apparently I still feel a little competitive with Christopher Coake, even though he has clearly gone on to play in a different league altogether than the one we used to share. Google him. Go ahead. Yeah, we went to the same high school, but that was the last time we were in a dead heat. (“Dead heat” being a bit of a lie, since he was two years ahead of me and way smarter.)

But competition is good for the word count, because I got my 1000 words done in 43 minutes. When the clock was running, I actually let everything go and just WROTE. There’s a lesson for me (and for you, if you need it). Stop whining and planning and just write. Stop worrying if they are the exact and precise next one thousand words and just write them.

I’ll have to go tidy up those 1339 words, I’m sure. I might even have to back and put some other words before those. But they are written. They are down.

Thanks to Chris for (as always) being just a few steps ahead of me and taunting me to keep up.

By Published On: August 10, 2009Categories: The Day I Died, Writing