Friday’s totals

Didn’t get around to posting this last night. Had to watch “Juno” and eat pizza. The work of a writer: never done. Except on Friday nights, when there’s pizza.

Yesterday’s total was 1323 words. Score. Now that’s a day I need to find a way to repeat.

The total to date, then, is 67677. On schedule, and I think I might have finally figured something out I’ve had a problem with from the beginning, so when the second draft comes along, I’ll know how to fix that part. Very happy-making.

It’s Saturday, but I’d like to try and keep the 1000 word thing in place if I can. Will give me more time at the end for either getting ready for the new gig (if that’s still a go) and/or lazying about, which I’m keen to do. Or, I suppose, I could start doing that next draft.

First drafts first.

By Published On: August 8, 2009Categories: The Day I Died, Writing