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By August 5, 2009The Day I Died, Writing

1070 words today, as of 4:15 p.m. That was with a whole lotta socializing. Need to work on that. Tomorrow.

EDITED TO ADD: I thought I’d written that I’d met an RU student in the Caribou in Oak Park, but apparently that was on Facebook. I ran into Susan, an MA student, and we talked for quite a while. Great to catch up, but just really funny to run into someone there. I don’t live or work there, and neither does she.

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  • Gina2424 says:

    Oopsie. I was part of the socializing. I'm on the countdown with an Office of Doom, also. And 1 novel, during said O of D. My math is a lot scarier. Ooh, love tidiness, too. And you're not even a Virgo! Hmmmm.

  • Lori says:

    Ha! There was a lot of in-person socializing, too, so don't worry—it wasn't you!

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