So I’ve been pretty cranky for a couple of days, due to my glasses throwing me for a total loop and, I hate to even bring it up, a canker sore inside my bottom lip. Where do these things come from? In my case, movie popcorn. Not kidding. How depressing is that? In the future, if I’m having a fit over something or complain about a bad day, just ask me if I have a canker sore. Because if the answer is no, I should shut up.

To fight off the cranky, I’m going to make a list of goodness. That’s right. I’m going to go freaking Pollyanna on you. Feel free to Pollyanna back in the comments.
-Today my friend from college Jeff and his boyfriend became (legally) domestic partners in Wisconsin. They are so happy and I’m happy for them.
-Today, my friend Marynia reports on Facebook, is the day she is having her baby son. He’s a few days overdue, and she’s ready. Can’t wait to meet the little dude.
-Today I’m having lunch with my friend Beth, who still still STILL works in the office of doom. Can’t wait to talk to her, though, and check in.
-It’s sunny out.
-My dog is having a nap on the sidewalk outside. We’ve already had a walk, but there’s always another walk right around the corner.
-I bought tickets last week to visit my best friend Kim in just a few weeks. Can’t WAIT to see her and her family, play with her daughters.
-I have 304 friends on Facebook and most of them are people I truly know and like, and who like me.
-I have two fabulous little nieces, who recognized me last time I visited and who, when I’m just standing there, climb up my leg until I reach down and pick them up. I’m crazy about those little munchkins.
-My husband is in the front room working, but I can go get a kiss any time I want.
-Except for walks with the dog and lunch with Beth, my day is totally unplanned at the moment. I’m going to enjoy that while I can.

There’s so much more, but that’s enough to make me feel pretty good. Also: Orajel.

By Published On: August 4, 2009Categories: Life