Almost entirely news free

Hi. Sorry. I really didn’t mean to drop off the planet. I wish I could blame the giant stack of new pages I’ve accumulated on my novel, but that is sadly not the case at all. I’ve been taking care of some business (some literal, some frivolous, not business at all) with the idea that, someday and maybe not too far off from now, I will not have the flexible, devil-may-care schedule I have at the moment. What am I saying? I don’t know if I believe in jinxes, but I do believe in positive thinking. I’m thinking positively that I might soon have a job, and I want to play around a bit before that happens.

For instance, I went to my friend Mary Anne’s condo one last time before she and her partner sold it out from under me. Sob! Do you know how many dog playdate/writing date combos have occurred in that space? A lot. Now she’s moving further away just as I’m trying to break back into the 9-5 set. (Actually, almost everywhere I’ve ever worked has been the 8-5 or the 8:30-5 set. Who gets to go in at NINE?) It’s not looking good for dog/writing dates for a while. Maybe just writing dates, but the combo is what made it so perfect. My dog got the workout of her freaking life and came home so tired she didn’t bother me for a few solid hours, and I got time to write and socialize with another writer—that is a good arrangement.

Tuesday, as you know, the interview. Wednesday…hmm. See? This is why a blog should be kept up. Thursday, errands and eye doctor and the bad news about my baby blues (they are broken and possibly old before their time, so why should I be surprised?). Friday, more frivolity. I had lunch with my friend Sharada, and we made lunch last until 4 p.m. If you want to live life as though it is a game you can win, you need a friend like Sharada. The dolce vita, all the time. We started to go to one restaurant, but the wait was long and then we ran into a friend of hers (she has lots o’ them), so we had lunch sitting with that friend and his friend and had a freaking blast and quite a few frothy beverages apieces. It’s been a long time since I had a lunch like that. It will be a long time before I have another one, too, because I was a loss for the rest of the night.

Apparently my body is no longer accustomed to having four beers in one day. See above about old eyes. Old eyes live inside old bodies.

While I was out at my four-hour lunch, two people emailed me about how I had, ahem, not updated the blog since Tuesday.

Sorry, geez. The reason isn’t a good one. It’s not that life is boring right now. It’s just that the things on my mind aren’t exactly blog material. I’m waiting to hear back about the job I interviewed for. I’ve had some positive signs in that arena, but I’m no fool. I’m not going to write about it here. I’ll let you know when I know, either way, but the details will not be hoisted on a flagpole. Ever. The other thing I could have told you was that I was getting glasses.

See? That’s why I wasn’t posting. Not that interesting. But now that I have the glasses, I can post my cuteness for the world to see. One of my friends called this my “sexy marine biologist” look.

I am trying to get used to them. It’s a little hard, I think, to go from never wearing glasses (except for sunglasses when I drive) to wearing these pretty intense prescriptive lens. My relations to space and direction are all messed up right now. I’m not supposed to drive for a while, until I stop feeling as though I might be losing my mind about how everything looks.

Which is why I made Greg take me to the library.

Oh, look at all the news you’ve been missing. Sorry for holding out on you. I’ll try to do better. Would a sexy marine biologist lie to you?

By Published On: August 2, 2009Categories: Life