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By July 25, 2009Uncategorized

Have you seen THIS?

Watch the whole thing and see if you can hold it together when the bride shows up at 4:09.

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  • A few thoughts:1. That must have been the world's longest rehearsal dinner.2. It took me about two seconds to say out loud "Well, we know they're not Catholic." No sir, can't have any fun like that at a Catholic wedding ceremony.3. The only time I laughed was when I noticed the officiant boogying slightly on the altar at the end. 4. I hope the bride's father was either deceased or out of the picture. I can't imagine him sitting there in the church thinking "She wouldn't let me walk her down the aisle because I'm not good enough for 'Soul Train'"?5. Apparently, I have become a curmudgeon.

  • Lori says:

    JIM. Do not curmudgeon over here. Be your true sparkly self, dammit.

  • James says:

    I like that video. It makes me smile.

  • Lori says:

    I get surprisingly choked up when the bride enters the church dancing. A lot of people have weddings (and maybe marriages) in which they aren't themselves, but I just get the feeling that this woman knows who she is, loves her life the way it is, and is truly having the happiest day of her life. And that they must be matched well, if they can have a wedding like that. And such good friends to agree to do it for them. They must be living right to have such good friends.

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