Short story love

Just posted about my love (jealousy) of Alice Munro, but you’re not sitting at school or at work with a copy of her book, are you? No, you aren’t. How about I do some linky-linky and you guys can pretend to be listening in a meeting or in class while you read an awesome story instead?

First you should go read the story I posted last week. Go ahead. I’ll wait.

OK, here are some fab Munro stories, some of which do not actually appear in the Selected Stories collection. [“Selected” stories=Not all of them. “Collected” stories=Pretty much everything an author has ever published, story-wise. Just in case you think that kind of stuff is worth knowing.]

The Bear Came Over the Mountain. This story was turned into the film Away from Her.

I also found this new Lorrie Moore while I was looking for Alice Munro stories. It was in a recent New Yorker. New Lorrie Moore!

By Published On: July 18, 2009Categories: Reading, Short stories