43. Strong Poison– Dorothy L. Sayers
44. Sexing the Cherry– Jeanette Winterson

(Wow, could two books be less alike?)

45. Selected Stories– Alice Munro….or, um, actually. That’s a lie. I’m thisclose to being done with this book, but not quite. These so-called short stories are like little mini novels and take almost as long to read. OK, more lies. Some of these stories are rather long, but I have finally reached the very last one and I’m sorry if I think this is an achievement. A 660-page book of short stories is not a book; it is a tome. It’s good, though. Oh, the jealousy I have for these stories. My favorites have been: “Miles City, Montana,” “Labor Day Dinner,” “Fits,” and the one I read last night, “The Albanian Virgin.” I think it must be pretty great to be known for short stories in a world that doesn’t much care for them, and for every story you write to be published in The New Yorker.

The books above: I would recommend the Sayers if you like cozy mysteries or Sherlock Holmesian stuff. I liked it. It’s a light mystery, very funny. I would not recommend the Winterson. On a sentence level, I found many words strung together to admire. But overall I just wanted to close the book and throw it.

Just bought a book that I might be a little afraid to admit to. It’s the new Jennifer Weiner. I know. I know. Chick lit. But it’s smart chick lit. Do not hate her just because she sells a lot of books.

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