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Yeah, sorry. I was chugging along pretty well there for a while—perhaps too chuggy. One friend of mine said it was “hard to keep up.” Sorry. I’m trying to find the right balance of posting, linking, storytelling.

I’m also job searching (hello to everyone who has my resume in front of them and just Googled me! hello!). Job searching takes up precious time and since, if I get a job, I won’t have as much writing time as I have come to depend upon, I’m trying to get as much writing done as possible right now. I’d love to have a first draft of the novel in place before I get a job. This may be very very likely, I don’t know. The economy and all. But I do have an interview for a job that might actually be a really good fit for me soon. (hello people from there! I would have Googled me, too!)

So, yeah, sorry if you were getting used to the harsh schedule I was keeping over here. The reality is that I need to spend more time on writing that ends up in chapters, and in page counts. Possibly in full-scale novels and in getting contracts. I am not in any way abandonning what I’ve started here. (She loves to hear herself talk too much!) (Who said that?) But I might have to knock it down to a post a day instead of two. You were getting too spoiled anyway.

So is no one going to read my STORY? Didn’t we talk about leaving stories around for people to read them and then have them not say anything? Raise your hand if you remember that a writer’s ego is a bruised flower petal. Go ahead and crush me with your silence, then. (She’s really laying it on thick, isn’t she?) (Who said that?) Go ahead and crush me.

Aaaaand SCENE.

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  • WIDNEY WOMAN says:

    Hello People Googling Lori for a job. HIRE LORI!!! You won't regret it. Lori is intelligent, easy to work with, hard working and you'll have so much fun with Lori around, you will become excited to go to the office again.

  • Lori says:

    You're a peach, Widney Woman. (Can't remember if I'm allowed to use your name attached to that name, so I won't.)

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