Everything you need to know about writing a novel in 1000 words

Don’t expect the 1,000 words to be mine. Given this assignment, I’d probably produce 5,000 words. At least. I am, as my MFA thesis advisor once said, wordy. But I thought this post was rather well done and succinct. A good place to go back to when I get stuck thinking what’s next?

Speaking of my thesis. I got the bound copies I ordered today at long last. They are so pretty.

(I just had to edit HTML to make that picture show up where I wanted it to. Who’s amazed at me? You should be. I have no idea how to edit HTML.)

So now I have a copy for my department, one for one of my thesis advisors (the other one said he’s take a signed first edition later on), and one for me. Not sure yet what the lending privileges will be on my copy. Perhaps RESTRICTED, as I will not abide by jelly hands. This thing cost way too much for your jelly hands to get on the pages.

Now if I can keep my jelly hands off them.

In other news, I wrote a new chapter of my novel today. This should not be such big news, but I’ve been a little stuck (jelly hands) lately. My goal is to do another 2,000 words tomorrow. Saying 2,000 words is no big deal. I just used seven right there. Doing it? That’s why I surround myself with other writers, who egg you on—and make you jealous if they are writing and you aren’t. Do not underestimate the need for competitive writer friends.

By Published On: July 13, 2009Categories: Writing