Who’s looking for a summer book?

For some reason today I was thinking about “summer reading” and how is “summer reading” different than other reading. I don’t believe I’ve come to any conclusions, although I think it might have something to do with people with kids. People with kids are too busy during the school year to read, and therefore during the summer, they try to squeeze a book in while their kids are busy throwing sand at each other down the beach.

Whatever it means, I think I know what kind of books people want when it comes to summer reading. HOT books. Some may have different ideas as to what that means. I don’t mind a little lighter fare for the beach, but it still has to be good. If I put it down and don’t care to pick it up again, that is not reading for any season.

There are two books I’ve read recently that I really enjoyed. Enjoyed. I also appreciated their craft and the work that the authors put into them, but seriously? What happened to enjoyable, well-written books? I’ve got two to throw into the ring.

Go buy The Little Stranger by Sarah Waters and Dark Places by Gillian Flynn. Trust. These two books are so good, that if you buy them together, you automatically go to heaven when you die. Which will not be soon.

These are both still in hardcover. Sorry. But they are worth it. Get yourself a coupon or something. They are so good, I want to read them both again, now, while it’s still summer.

Your turn. I need recommendations of seriously good, seriously enjoyable books.

By Published On: July 9, 2009Categories: Reading