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By June 29, 2009Writing life

As in: I need to block out some Writing Time!

The problem with having so much unstructured time right now is that I end up using all my time on things like laundry, household errands, etc. I know. Cry for me. Poor me and all my unstructured time. It won’t be like this forever. In the mean time, I’m trying to work out how to get back into the discipline of writing every day. Something. A few pages, a few paragraphs, a few words, if that’s all I can do, but something every day.

Has anyone ever made that work? How did you train yourself to do it?

Here’s what I’m going to try: a productivity calendar. I don’t have a year’s calendar, but I did just get a pretty new monthly calendar and a lovely purple gel pen to mark the Xs for every day I write. The calendar starts on July 1, and so do I. I’d like to see how many days out of the 31 in July I can get some writing done.

This sounds like a challenge opportunity. Anyone else out there want to declare July 2009 our very own National Writing Month? Celebrate with drinks in August?

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  • Chitownmez says:

    We need to discuss this productivity calendar. I needz it. I will be doing it. Hooray!

  • Lori says:

    Join me! I'm sure you could get a free calendar online. I earned two big purple Xs this week already!

  • Greg Carsten says:

    I will never forget a brief conversation with a creative writing teacher in high school named Glen Hirshberg (also a published author). I asked him when he found time to write, considering he was a teacher, father, husband, and reviewed music for a local newspaper. He said he wrote every day at the exact same time. I don't remember what time it was, but he essentially devoted 2 hours a day from something like 6-8 am to have a completely secluded and disciplined time to write. It takes about a month for a regular activity to become habit; my guess is if you devote July to writing each day at the same time, by the time August comes it will be a part of your daily routine and feel weird not to do it.

  • Lori says:

    That's good advice. That's how I exercised regularly (when I used to do that). Especially when I get a job, I might have to consider getting up early to get some writing done.Speaking of time, Carsten, how do you have time to be online with two bebbies at home now?

  • Greg Carsten says:

    Claire is at the babysitter's (also going tomorrow), Marissa has been asleep for the past four hours, and Lori is purging maternity clothes and getting the place ready for our company which arrives on Friday. The only time I have any time to do anything remotely productive is when Claire is at the babysitter. Today I've paid bills, finished purging/organizing the basement, cut up a fallen tree in the backyard, and trimmed some other trees that kept whacking me in the face when I mowed the lawn. I'll just ignore the fact that my Stuff To Do Before Company Gets Here List still has about 19 different things on it…

  • Lori says:

    I won't tell The Other Lori you were online instead of doing your chores.

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